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Build an advanced website without obligation and for free with Roobet – the new platform from Roobet

Dozens of professional designs in different fields for you to choose from, each site can be adapted to the relevant branding and structure so that it promotes your business in the most correct way.


UX Research

Roobet offers building responsive websites adapted to different platforms. Building websites in Roobet allows you to enjoy a mobile website that is automatically optimized for display on mobile devices and tablets at no extra charge. Building a responsive website will allow you higher availability and create a quality browsing experience for your customers.

Brand Identity

Roobet is an advanced website building system that includes a convenient and intuitive free drag-and-drop interface for managing the website structure, uploading content, adding images, embedding different galleries, creating customized forms and more. No prior knowledge or understanding of code is required. With Livecity’s admin interface, building websites has never been easier.

Web Development

Building websites in Roobet allows you access to a selection of design templates that will help you build your website. We offer hundreds of ready-made web design templates created by professionals and leading web designers and designed to save you valuable time in building the website. Whether it is an image site, a virtual store or a landing page, you have templates on various topics that will help you create a high-quality and professional website.

Our Latest Work

There are websites that are just “another website”. And there are some that are exciting, designed, with a twist, in which the investment of the design and the marketing thinking’ of a correct UI (user experience), and of an excellent UX (the optimal browsing path) is evident. In short, websites that look different, not a standard template, but one that a designer designed especially for you in accordance with your product, marketing language and positioning. Because today, when there are so many websites competing for the surfer’s attention, your website needs to be sophisticated, accessible, mobile-friendly, technological, clear and very, very successful.

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The fact that your website is perfect is not enough if no one sees it. And for this to happen, you need a movement of surfers, or on the Internet, a lot of “traffic” to the website… so for that you need to market your website and promote it on Google: organic promotion, and sponsored promotion, as well as promotion on Facebook and campaigns and much more.