The huge amount of add-ons in Joomla brings us many options for strengthening the site. Most of the add-ons are free, and you can install them on the site with the click of a button.
After installation, the options of each add-on are defined according to the site’s needs, and if required, their appearance is also designed according to the site’s design.

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Below are a number of popular additions in Joomla that give added value to the site:
Joomla has an excellent addition to the site that gives it marketing powers. This add-on is a sophisticated newsletter, which allows you to send a series of scheduled messages to a distribution list. The component in its simple version is free and allows sending a newsletter every time we publish an article in a certain category that we want to distribute to our mailing list. In its advanced versions, the component also includes a statistics system, so you can see which of the subscribers opened the email we sent them. You can also send greetings to subscribers on their birthdays, and distribute a pre-scheduled series of articles we have prepared. This is an excellent marketing tool.

Another popular add-on turns Joomla into a blog. The add-on allows automatic streaming of content from all categories to the home page, just like in a blog. It has a comment system with Hebrew translation, as well as a tag cloud. The add-on is particularly suitable for uniform and designed content entry: there is no need to struggle with the position of the image or the position of the video within the article. Attach a photo or video to the article and they are positioned according to a uniform design. Even a large image that we insert will automatically be reduced to the correct dimensions and placed in the correct position in the text, which makes editing the article very easy. This add-on is especially suitable for website owners who are older and lack computer knowledge, and need to manage the content on their website on their own.

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There is an add-on that adds a forum to the site. The add-on was built by an Israeli company, so there is good support in Hebrew and a translation for the forum in Hebrew. The forum allows the creation of several forums on different topics on the site, adding comments to the forum, managing comments, managing user profiles, and more.

The page is short of containing all the wonderful add-ons that Joomla has, on the Joomla world site you can find the full list of popular add-ons