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“Several years ago I contacted you with a request for a plan and price proposal for building a website for my production company
After a long and exhausting attempt to find the right person for this very important task for us without success..
You came to me for a meeting and as soon as you started talking I realized that I had found the right thing!!!
With great sensitivity you managed to hit the target and quickly found the best and most suitable product for me
And even at a very fair price … in the same breath I decided that you are the one who will also produce a new logo for me that will speak the same language as the design of the site
The beauty you built for us..
Today, after years of working together, I still continue from time to time to contact you for assistance
You are always attentive with a lot of patience that surprises me every time…
Roobet I really want to thank you for all your giving / professionalism / patience and tolerance / fairness / and endless dedication
I have no doubt that you were the best choice for us and I’m glad we met, it’s clear to me that we will continue to work together for many years to come”


“As a leading public relations firm, specializing in managing and building the image of global hi-tech companies in Israel, it was important for us to convey very clear messages and avoid the template design style of this industry, which usually includes the same permanent visuals of well-dressed and smiling employees in meeting rooms. As soon as the brief was handed over to Roobet, in a short time we received the first sketch from her, which managed to pass unanimously (!). To this day we are not tired of the existing design and continue to receive compliments from various parties. There are quite a few charming sites, but behind the beautiful designs there is a social dynamic, which Loch made pleasant and professional. Human relations and professionalism are just as important to the day-to-day conduct and the relationship that continues between us even today. Thanks to Roobet, we received creativity and a big head together with a pleasant and professional service – which made the process easier and made it fast and efficient. We are very satisfied with the result and warmly recommend it to you.”

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At Roobet, you are never alone. A friendly, professional and helpful support team that is available to you for any question and problem just one click away. You can contact us via online chat during most hours of the day and enjoy a courteous human response. If you prefer communication via e-mail no problem! Send us your question and we will answer you as soon as possible.